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product details
Product name

UV LED Water transfer Ink

Product description

The current development trend of UV LED ink is getting better and better, and it has certain benefits for screen printing. It allows printing on sensitive substrates through color curing (no infrared), and it's service life is up to 20,000 hours, thereby reducing operating costs  , it also has the characteristics of air cooled, which simplified printer architecture, LED curing machine is independent with water cooling machine. It has instant on/off, reduces the warm-up or cool down time, and simplified mechanical design. In the process of screen printing, there is no Hg, Ozone, environmentally friendly with low energy consumption, simplified electronics equipment, reduced the cost for printer electronics and shielding.




DT color ink


1.Equipped with spot color, transparent color and CMYK dot.

2.Excellent printing adaptability and flexibility. 

3.With covercoat if available with water-resistant and alcohol-resistant soaking in good performance.

Printing and drying

LED curing with wavelength 395mm (Match with our LED cured machine if available)

LED curing parameter

6000mW/cm²or more (Thick layer and dark color need test)

Screen frame mesh

Foil primer: 120-300 mesh (48-120T)
Foil overcoat: 120-300 mesh (48-120T)
Other ink: 200-300 mesh (81-120T)


Please use special diluent, with rate 5% Special anti-foam leveling agent with rate 1-3%


Ceramic decals, glass decals, helmet decals, wood decals, sports decals, toy decals, model decals, and others. This water transfer paper is smooth, dehydration is fast.


Please keep away from the fire and keep it in a cool and ventilated place.


Printing Effect


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