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product details
Product name

LED-DTS series plastic screen printing ink

Product description

LED-DTS series plastic screen printing ink

DTS series is one of LED cured screen printing ink for any kind of plastic with excellent adhesion. In order to meet different needs, our company has developed LED curable color ink for plastic sheet (PET, PVC, ABS, etc.). Color ink also has a gloss, flow fast. Especially suitable for advertising industry billboards and packaging industry plastic packaging boxes. Ink through LED curing, low lamp temperature, does not affect the substrate. 


LED—DTB Series Glass Metal Ink

Yincai developed UV-LED ink for glass ware.The model DTB Series is direct screen printing ink special for glass, metal and ceramic and cured by 395um UV-LED. This series including color ink and foil stamping varnish which pass the hundred-cross and yellow-resistance. 





LED-DTS series plastic screen printing ink

LED-DTB Series Glass Metal Ink


PET,PVC,PC,acrylic, deseaming PP/PE and other plastics.

GLass, home appliances,crystal glass, metal, aluminum sheet, gusset and other materials


Good adhesion, good printing and drying, no deformation, environmental protection and energy saving

Excellent adhesion,waterproof, acid and alkali,less smell,environmental protection and energy saving

Printing and drying

Curing conditions 395nm wavelength LED light curing and drying (recommended for apply Yincai LED cured machine)

Curing parameters

6000mW/cm 2 or more, thick plate and dark color, please test by 200 mesh-350 mesh (77-140T)


LED DTS ink printing effect




LED DTB ink printing effect



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