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product details
Product name

550 water transfer ink

Product description
550 Series Ink
Water transfer printing transfer paper is in the picture on the complete process transfer to the substrate surface, is a kind of water transfer technology is popular recently, and the printing process printing effect is similar, but the investment cost is low, the operation process is relatively simple, very popular with users.    
Water transfer printing ink used to make water stickers (water transfer paper).

Product name

Water transfer ink # 550 series ink


1.Glass decal sticker: can be used for glass cup, ad cup, glass vessel and decorative glass etc.

2. Helmet decal sticker: widely used in motorcycle helmet 

3.Sports equipment decal sticker: used in the logo of tennis racket, fishing rot, bike etc.

4.Ceramic decal sticker: used in ceramic dinnerware, decorative ceramic tile, construction ceramic etc. 

Applicable printer

Screen printing machine


Add 10% special diluent YC-01

Self life

One Year(In favorable storge)


1kg/5kg per can; 12kg/20kg per carton


Cool, ventilation, far away fire, heat and sunlight


Avoid irritation to eyes and repiratory organs, if gets in eyes, rinse by water deeply, or seek medical advice

1. Excellent weather resistance, strong adhesion, good hiding power, good smoothness, good fastness, the transfer of irregular objects is extremely superior. And equipped with special adhesive to increase the adhesion of the test can Naibaige test.
2. Environmental protection, low odor, high solid content, excellent tensile properties.
Printing Effect
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