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product details
Product name

UV Varnish

Product description
1.Design flexibility is good, not easy to be cracked.
2.It has excellent adhesion and good water resistance, ethanol resistance.
3.Suitable for any kinds of spray bottles on the market (such as oil-based paint, water-based paint, varnish, matte paint, transparent glass and ceramic bottle, etc.)
How to use
1.Adopt the 200-200 mesh to print the UV varnish, this UV varnish is  two-component structure, so the ratio of mixture is 9:1 (necessary for hardener)
2.Then natural drying for 3-4hours under the condition of 24-26 degrees Celsius of room temperature , 60-75% of humidity (commonly known as table dry).
3.After that it can be printed on peelable cover coat.
Note: Must pay more attention to air humidity in winter. It needs one more hour in winter than in summer to print peelable cover coat.
Curing Requirement
1.More than 150 degrees in constant temperature, bake for 30 minutes. 170 degrees for 25 minutes. 130 degrees for 60 minutes. 
2. If the oven is cold, please must minus the heating up time. The varnish has good adhesion to meet the requirements of curing.
Printing Effect
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