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Product name

Peel off coat/Coat

Product description

The Peel off coat can be used to protect patterns, increase ink adhesion, and is not easy to shift or deform during pattern transfer.

Flexibility, peelability, and printing adaptability are all excellent, will not damage the surface structure of the ink, and tear the film well.

It has strong self-plasticity and improves the retention period of water-marked paper. The spraying effect after peeling is very ideal. 



Flexibility, excellent printing adaptability, very reliable bonding fastness with ink, strong plasticity, improved water mark paper retention period, and excellent spray bonding effect. It can be printed directly on the surface of foil without damaging the coating on the bronzing surface.


After more than 10 years of use and testing, Yincai provide the following coat and peel off coat with different requirement.




Printing Effect







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