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product details
Product name

Water transfer paper

Product description
Water transfer paper is a carrier that can be processed the graphics on its surface, its appearance should be a major advance in printing technology, because there are many products is difficult to direct printing, and with this carrier, people can print the graphics on it first, then the graphic transfer to the substrate. Such as a certain height, relatively bulky, grotesque items or small items can be used to transfer process. it is a wide range of adaptability, almost of the products can be used for water transfer

Item Name

OEM & ODM water transfer decal




1)Water transfer paper + Undercoat+Ink+Covercoat+Peelable coat = CMYK decal paper 
2)Water transfer paper+Undercoat +Gold stamping foil color+Ink+Covercoat+Peelable coat = CMYK+Gold stamping foil color decal paper
3)Water transfer paper+Undercoat +Gold stamping foil color+Covercoat+Peelable coat =Gold stamping foil color decal paper

Surface Finish

UV / UV LED curing

Elements Effecting Price

1. Size: image size or trim size
2. Effect Type: Metallic and Lase color,3d relief
3. QTY: More quantity,Less cost
4. Paper quality:Chinese paper/ Korea paper


Ceramics,glass jade,metal.All solid thing


Samples are available


Screen printing/offset printing



1) Paper surface is smooth and delicate, no concavity, uniform glue, no leakage of plastic phenomenon.
2) Printing coloring rate is good, overlay accurate, not deformed.
3) Dehydration time is fast (about 30 seconds), good slip, no residue after stripping.
4) Baking decals without film shadow, no blasting phenomenon.
5) Apply to hot stamping,high temperature and other high grade decals printi
Printing Effect
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