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product details
Product name

LED curing machine

Product description



1. Super long life: LED-UV lamp imported from Korea. Service life over 20000 hours, Our guaranty is 3 years or 10000 Hours. 
2. The light source module is cooled by water cooling system. Stable and reliable effect. 
3. Whatever by a long time working, heat is stable no more than 45C. The luminous chip with thermal protection and power-off if error. The working temperature over 45C will alarm.
4. We accept custom LED-UV cured machine according to various request like the light length, can be hand lift or conveyor belt. 
5. No ozone and UVC rays, and no direct harm to operator.
6. Ultra low power consumption compared with the traditional UV curing machine, the power can save 5-20 times.
LED Lamp

Three line of lamp parallel alternation

Four line of lamp align parallel

Four line of lamp parallel alternation

Five line of lamp parallel alternation





Semiautomatic printer, for tint color or varnish.

Semiautomatic printer, for dark color.

Semiautomatic & Automatic printer, for dark color.

Automatic printer, for dark and thick




Power supply

220v 50Hz

Light wavelength

395nm (accept customized)

Light length

Depend on the lamp

conveyor width




Lamp power

Depend on the lamp

Depend on the lamp

Depend on the lamp

Shining way

Vertical light emitting chip

Cooling system

Water cooling

Conveyor Length/standard

165cm; 300cm; accept customized

Conveyor High



Applying with our company UV-LED screen printing ink is perfect match, our UV-LED ink including water transfer printing ink category, PET, PC and other plastic ink category, coated metal category, foil lamination category, etc. According to the different request of wave length of UV-LED, characteristics and requirements, We accept various specifications and different properties to be made to order. The UV-LED lamp with Three years and 10000H warranty.
Detailed Images
Adjust the height accurately and cured ink fully 


UV LED LG G4 lamp


Imported from or Korea . Service life over 20000 hours, compared with the traditional UV curing machine tube durable, section also replacement costs.
Conveyor belt
The conveyor belt is not deflected during transportation, and the heat dissipation is good.
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